Book Release: Masterplan Your Purpose

8 September 2017 | Posted by Ariya Chittasy

When you live life on purpose, a lot of typical rules do not apply.
Work stops being work and becomes enjoyment. The idea of working hard becomes less relevant. Things that others experience as boring become enlivening to you.
Earlier this year, I went with a group of young entrepreneurs to the Blue Mountains where we spent a weekend unplugged and gave ourselves some mental space. We took time to review where we were in our lives. Where we had come from, where we are going and created what is next. It was amazing how little it took to spark deep inspiration in our lives as we got clear again about who we are, what we’re about and what we’re out to do.
A number of these exercises were the foundation of those in my new book Masterplan Your Purpose.
In a timely way, I also had my long-term coachee, David, approach me and tell me that the exercises I was giving him were really altering how he saw his life and the enjoyment he was experiencing.
These signs were all I needed to realise that tools to help people live life on purpose are critical, especially in the fast-paced nature of the world today.
At Engenesis, while we are a technology company, we believe that it is people that drive that technology. So we are quite obsessed by people. What makes us tick. How we think and behave.  People create entrepreneurial ventures.
I wrote this book with the young entrepreneur in mind. The person in the first sprint out-of-the-blocks in their life, juggling around the options of which direction they are choosing and what they would like their life to be about.
It is available on Amazon Kindle here.

Ariya Chittasy

Hearing how people created something out of nothing is what lights me up. Where they started with a seed of an idea, brought it to life, and went through the process of creating the things we tend to treat as a given. Creating things in the world is in my blood. I get a kick out of working in partnership alongside business owners. Nothing makes me happier than engulfing myself in their vision and ideas, and helping them to construct how they can bring their ideas into the world - typically starting with the digital space. To me, the digital world is an accelerated, leveraged, highway of possibility that reflects our world.  I am a big believer in collaboration as it gives results that defy logic. I live life on the 'edge of chaos' - between my comfort zone and drop off zone. I work each day to expand the consciousness of myself, and those around me. 


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